Many people are still apprehensive over the recent health care bill of the Obama administration. For one, it hinders them from exercising democracy, whether to subject themselves to insurance policies or not. They are, after all, compelled to purchase an insurance policy either from the government or from a private insurance company. Moreover, there is the continuous rise on health insurance costs. Health insurance through schemes may just be an option.

Health insurance is vital. Without it, there is no clear support on the increasing prices of health care in the country. It is the immediate contingent plan that can be implemented in times of emergencies. Besides, there are different health insurance schemes to choose. It is much easier to pick one that sounds more affordable and practical:


This stands for Preferred Provider Organization. It is composed of health care professionals and facilities that have signed a contract with the insurance company. They guarantee they provide the necessary services to their clients based on the fee schedule. The main advantage of a PPO is you already have a good idea of doctors who can render medical services at a much lesser cost. Though you still have to shoulder a portion of the total amount, you are still going to enjoy savings for every treatment. More health care services are also added every year.


HMO or health maintenance organization is a very popular health insurance plan. It is the one usually given by companies to their employees as one of the fringe benefits. The insured individual can go to a clinic or a health care facility that is approved or under the HMO plan. He or she can approach only those health care professionals who can accept your chosen HMO. One of the biggest advantages of the HMO is its very low premiums. The insurance premium can be subdivided among the number of enrolees. Moreover, many insurance companies offering HMO are offering lifestyle programs to their clients to ensure that they do not get sick or meet emergencies often.
The downside is that the health care services may be quite limited. If you want to obtain an HMO plan, always check the number of health care facilities and services you can take advantage.

It means point of service plan. It shares certain attributes with HMO and PPO. It is like the former since primarily you can only ask for medical help from their list of doctors and facilities. However, should you require specialized assistance, the doctor can refer you to those who do not belong to the network–just like in PPO. The good news with POS is you have more control on the professionals you want to deal. Moreover, you can ensure you can give yourself the right kind of treatment it deserves. The only disadvantage is you have to pay extra every time you work with an out-of-network professional.

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