Oliver had just moved to the United States from Europe. He had just started a new job with a good salary, but wasn’t sure which health plan to choose, the comprehensive or scheduled. In fact, he found the whole topic very confusing, being used to a lifetime coverage that was automatically given to him from birth. He searched for a month to find a health insurance comparison between the two, but found it very difficult.

So, what does Oliver need to know when doing a health insurance comparison between comprehensive and scheduled plans? Well, there are definite differences, though both cover health care needs to different extents. Here is what he needs to know to choose the policy that is best for him:

• comprehensive coverage pays for only part of the costs of doctor and hospital fees
• comprehensive coverage is paid after deductibles have been made
• after the comprehensive insurance maximum is paid for a year, the burden of the costs is on oliver’s shoulders
• comprehensive covers some types of services provided in hospitals
• comprehensive is very expensive
• comprehensive plans cover up to about $1 million dollars in health coverage
• comprehensive gives a much broader health coverage for individuals and groups/families
• scheduled coverage doesn’t replace comprehensive or basic health insurance plans
• scheduled covers daily health care needs, doctor’s visits, basic hospitalization/surgery and prescriptions
• scheduled plans are the minimal version of the comprehensive plans
• scheduled plans require association or group membership
• scheduled plans usually are provided through employers or for business owners
• scheduled plans are the cheapest health plans
• scheduled plans are paid directly to the health provider
• scheduled plans don’t usually cover major emergencies or maternity needs

It depends mainly on what Oliver needs for himself and anyone else he is supporting when it comes to US health plans. In many cases, his employer can get him into an existing group comprehensive plan and he can supplement that with a scheduled plan. However, for more information, he should do substantial research into the available policies within his state. In fact, if he looks online, he can get detailed information about individual health insurance providers and recommendations, if he needs them, through his state’s insurance department where making a health insurance comparison is easier to do.

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