We’ve all known people who are lucky enough to have group health insurance But many people (you perhaps) may be having trouble getting their valid health claims paid and don’t know what to do or where to turn.

The vast majority of Americans who have health insurance simply lack a good understanding of health insurance in general and fail to grasp the complex nature of their plans-many insured consumers are not even aware that some services either are not covered or are covered at a lower amount than they expected.

If you are confused about your medical insurance coverage, you’re not alone. Health insurance policies are written in such a way that makes them hard to comprehend and many covered individuals just throw their hands up in frustration, hoping for a good outcome. After years of watching the health care debate rage in the halls of Congress, it’s clear that even politicians who are working on the problem may not completely comprehend the processes, issues and the implications of the big business known as health insurance. Sometimes even those who prepare your medical bills as well as the insurance representatives who deal with your claims payments, may not have a clear understanding of the billing process or your plan. But understanding your own health insurance coverage is critical and doesn’t have to be confusing!

And it starts by simply reading your plan document or insurance policy. “Oh sure,” you say, “They’re hard to read-the wording is full of legalize.” That’s true but while you may not understand or even remember it all, if you take the time to read the policy, before you have to deal with an issue, you will remember to check it out and call your insurance company when a situation comes up. Without a doubt, reviewing your insurance policy, before you need it, will make it easier to understand when you do. Becoming more informed about your health coverage makes it easier to wade through the health insurance mess.

Don’t you believe it! Doctors have too many patients as it is. And these patients may all have different insurance policies. There are just too many patients and plans for a doctor, or other provider, to have a detailed knowledge of your policy’s coverage. It’s up to you to be versed on your own health coverage and its limitations.

The payoff may mean less out-of-pocket for you to pay. There will always be procedures or treatment that are not covered and certain charges that will always be the patient’s responsibility. Wouldn’t it be nice to know about this before you commit to costly treatment? Can you afford to pay for unnecessary out-of-pocket costs? Without having a clear understanding of your health insurance coverage, you could be throwing money away. Today, when the economy is a concern for most folks, everybody needs to stretch their budgets whenever they can.
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