Health screening is a growing trend in the corporate world providing employees with better quality of health. The health care programs as a part of employee wellness are implemented through health screenings, immunization and spreading awareness on health problems and rising medical costs.

The screening encourages employees to opt for a lifestyle change and discover any risk that the employee might suffer, such as chronic illness, heart check, osteoporosis and stroke.

Prior to the screenings, employees fill in the information sheets mentioning their age, sex and family history of health issues. The screening takes only a few minutes and the employees could get their results within minutes of the screening. A health professional offers counseling for the employees and post-screening on potential health problems. A customized wellness program is offered to the employees facing health issues.

Wellness screenings help in detecting an illness in its early stages and through the wellness programs, the illness can be tackled. Screenings are performed in companies to find specific health risks. Some of health screenings are blood pressure checks, cholesterol screenings for HDL, LDL and Triglycerides, blood sugar screenings fasting and non-fasting to track diabetes.

Other types include body mass index, screening of bone density to discover any potential case of osteoporosis, vision checks, mammography for keeping in check any risk of breast cancer and other health screenings depending on the needs and groups of employees.

Investment in employee wellness programs and screenings are important and have positive results. The health screenings bring benefits to the employees as well as the companies providing the wellness programs. Through the effectiveness of the health screenings, the employees’ productivity is increased, absenteeism reduced, morale boosted and ever-increasing health care costs decreased.

For an organization to succeed in the corporate world, out of the many requirements is the need of a healthy labor force. A work force with high productivity increases the longevity and success of a business organization. Health screenings are the best initiatives the company can take to secure and maintain the health of its employees.

Along with other employee wellness programs that cater to stress management, finance management, relationship management, family and other issues, health screening make employees understand themselves and the needs of their bodies. These screenings help the employees to make the required changes as recommended by the results of the screenings and professional counselors and doctors.

As wellness screenings provide employees an idea of their health status and the changes they should make to improve it, helps them spend less on their insurance cost and save money on overall medical cost. Healthy employees will enjoy a decreased premium on health insurance. Employee wellness programs, through their health screenings, promote a healthy lifestyle among the employees and reduce the mental stress that they go through for the rise in medical cost.

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