Common Sense Solutions to America’s Health Insurance “Crisis”

Insurance works best when it’s rarely used. That’s why life, automobile and homeowner’s insurance are relatively affordable. Death occurs only once, and we make every effort to avoid it. Auto insurance isn’t designed to reimburse us for oil changes, gasoline, car washes or tires. We don’t use our homeowner’s insurance to pay for light bulbs, […]

Worksite Wellness Programs Utilize Employee Health Screenings

Health screening is a growing trend in the corporate world providing employees with better quality of health. The health care programs as a part of employee wellness are implemented through health screenings, immunization and spreading awareness on health problems and rising medical costs. The screening encourages employees to opt for a lifestyle change and discover […]

Pros and Cons of Getting Group Health Insurance Vs Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance involves one individual obtaining health coverage, based on the individual’s prior health history. For self-employed or unemployed individuals, individual health cover is usually the only option available. Applying for individual health insurance involves filling out an application and taking a physical exam. Current poor health or past health issues and problems can […]

Pre-Existing Health Conditions & Pre-Existing Health Insurance – What is the Answer?

The health insurance crisis is bad for everyone involved. Yet, it is more complicated if you are like millions of people who have pre-existing health conditions that lead health companies to deny them coverage. The search for pre-existing health insurance rages from Ohio to New York and from the east coast to the west coast. […]

Minnesota Health Insurance Has Become User Friendly

The government of Minnesota is taking all the probable steps to enrich the facilities that are being provided by Minnesota insurance. If there is anything new for health care, you have got to look into the niche of Minnesota medical insurance as the GAMC offers extended health care benefits along with added care coordination. The […]

Best Health Insurance Through Schemes

Many people are still apprehensive over the recent health care bill of the Obama administration. For one, it hinders them from exercising democracy, whether to subject themselves to insurance policies or not. They are, after all, compelled to purchase an insurance policy either from the government or from a private insurance company. Moreover, there is […]